Superior to any rollformer control on the market today. The SII Controller is packed with features that will handle nearly any rollforming system with ease. Its large 10.4" color touch-screen display is easy to navigate, and its many features make it easy to use. Whether your line is a simple panel line, or more complicated with dual axis, dynamic punching, gagged dies, or a combination of everything the SII Controller is your solution.

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The cost effective solution for simple shear only lines. Our Cobalt Controller comes in both panel mount and weather-resistant portable models. Its bright, sunlight readable, 6.5" color LED display makes it the perfect choice for both the plant floor and in direct sunlight in the field.

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The solution to your Long Folder Control Problems
    The Intelli-Fold Controller is the solution to your Long Folder and Electric Folder Controls Problems. It comes in pendant, freestanding, or pedestal models. We also offer standard retrofit kits and installation service for most popular brands of long hydraulic and electric folders including Jorns, Roper, RAS, Schechtl, and many more. Like all of our controls, the Intelli-Fold Controller uses solid state memory, so there are no hard-drives or moving parts to fail.

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Top of the line Enterprise Solution
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Tired of programming jobs at the machine? Are you looking for a better way to keep track of production and coil inventory? Connex is a multi-user, Enterprise Solution to link your Office to the Plant Floor. Features include job scheduling, coil tracking, customizable reports, ability to import/export to your existing ERP software, and much more.

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Web-based sales order extension for QuickBooks
    When paired with Connex or SmartComm, QB-Elite allows users to enter sales orders that can be saved to QuickBooks and also send to controls on the plant floor without the need for double entry. This reduces both time and entry errors.

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This production management & download system is
your solution for scheduling or tracking production without mess of paper and human errors
    This production management and download system is your solution for scheduling and tracking production without the mess of paper or human errors. It allows users to enter, schedule and download production directly to the plant floor. SmartComm is the perfect solution for small to medium size companies with a central point for production scheduling and reporting.

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Turnkey & Panel Assembly
    Looking to upgrade your controls? Beck Automation provides a wide range of turnkey options for your control needs.

    No job is too big or too small. Whether the job requires only a controller and some rewiring, or it requires a new operator station and equipment cabinets. Beck Automation???s engineers and technicians can offer a full service package with engineering, installation, and electrical drawings at the end of the project.

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Ancillary Devices
We offer a wide range of Ancillary Products. Whether you need your press valves to be more repetitive, or are needing a printer for bundle labels or part printing. Beck Automation can provide the products and expertise to assist with your needs.

Valve Accelerator

  • Your press will operate faster
  • Ramp coil's current up faster to open valve quicker
  • Optimize for your valve with adjustable output levels
  • Over-Current protection to protect the valves
  • Compact DIN rail mounted enclosure

Label Printer

  • Print Bundle Tags at the line
  • Reprint coil tags when returning to the coil to stock
  • Customized Label Layout

Part Marking Printers

  • Drop on Demand models, DOD
  • Continuous Flow models, CIJ
  • Print part info directly onto material

Barcode Scanners

  • Corded and Cordless Models available
  • Scan Coil Tags to track material usage


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